The 13×4

Do you ever ask yourself, “I KNOW I need to get more done, but HOW?”

You join the gym in January but by the end of February…
The guitar you bought is in the spare room gathering dust…

Sound familiar?  You’re not alone.  Only about 3% of the people on the planet have the self-discipline of an Olympic athlete.

In essence, there are only 2 ways to be more effective:
1.  Increase your willpower and just do it anyway.
2.  Use a System that gets it done with minimum willpower.

What if you could use a simple system that gets it done with minimum willpower, is based on actual science and was proven over 240 years ago by Benjamin Franklin?


Angela Loëb has teamed up with UK-based effectiveness expert, Tom Cassidy, to teach a powerful system called The 13×4.  Together they have adapted the principles of Quantum Mechanics, Behavioral Science and the teachings of the wisest minds into a system of practical, everyday tools that work.

Tom’s been using it successfully to help a wide variety of individuals and groups ranging from job seekers to business executives in the UK.  He’s even used it with 5th graders!  That’s how simple and useful it is.  Here’s what some of his clients have been saying:

“This system is so different from everything else we’ve tried here. All the other stuff was just smoke and mirrors – when you got to implement it, it just wasn’t that good. What I like about Tom’s system is that it gives you the HOW. Plus it actually works.” – Andrew Leedham Senior Project Manager, UK Financial Services Authority

“This system is the perfect blend of the Esoteric and the Practical. It could be bigger than Tony Robbins.” – Alan Found, Director of Interquest Group PLC

“Nothing else gives you the HOW. That’s why I find this system so powerful.” – Barbi Goulding-Parr, COO of The Woodard Academies Trust

13×4 x “One Thing At A Time”

Build your own customized 13×4 system of personal effectiveness…

Angela and Tom are developing e-courses with streaming video that are easily accessed through your computer’s web browser.  Each e-course comes with a downloadable companion workbook.

Here’s how you can take the e-course called One Thing At A Time for free!

1.  Click on the blue button labeled “Go” (over on the right) to go to
2.  Sign up for our free program there called “Everyday Mind Mastery.”
3.  Click on Lecture 3 under “Text Resources” to get the workbook, 13×4 x One Thing At A Time.
4.  Pop down to “Chalkboard Teaching Videos” and view Lectures 1 through 8.

While in the Udemy online course, please feel free to leave a comment.  We’d love to know how the 13×4 is changing your outlook and helping you to get what you want out of life.

For information on other 13×4 e-courses that are available now or are coming soon, go to http://13×